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울트라에이지: 2021년 신시장 창출형 게임콘텐츠 제작지원 선정

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작성자 최고관리자 작성일 21-05-03 15:50


비쥬얼다트와 넥스트스테이지가  공동개발중인 ”Ultra Age”가2021년 신시장 창출형 게임콘텐츠 제작지원 사업에 선정되었습니다.

”Ultra Age”는 PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch 플랫폼 서비스를 목표로 2018년부터 개발중인 콘솔액션게임으로 연내 출시 예정입니다.


由VISUAL DART和Next Stage共同开发的“Ultra Age”在2021年被选为新市场创新游戏内容制作支持项目。

“Ultra Age”是一款2018年开始研发的主机动作游戏,旨在为PS4,PS5和Nintendo Switch提供平台服务,预计将在今年内发布。

“Ultra Age”, which is co-developed by Visual Dart and Next Stage, was selected as a New Market Creating Game content production support project in 2021.

”Ultra Age” is a console action game that is being developed from 2018 with the aim of providing platform services for PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch, and ”Ultra Age” is going to be released within this year.

ビジュアルダートとネクストステージが共同開発中の「Ultra Age」が、2021年新市場創出型ゲームコンテンツ制作支援事業に選定されました。

「Ultra Age」は、PS4、PS5、Nintendo Switchのプラットフォームサービスを目標に2018年から開発中のコンソールアクションゲームで、年内発売予定です。

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