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Visual Dart, founded in 2001 with one person,
is a leading company in the field of Korea game graphics and providing all kinds of Game Art services.
Visual Dart's role is to provide efficient and optimized game art
to all game developers in the world who wants to bring players more joy.
Visual Dart is not only for Korean developers and also participated
in many 3A global titles such as Uncharted4, Last of US2, StarCraft Remaster.
Through our experience and the ability to manage game art,
we are presenting a new form of development in Korean gaming industry.


NaughtyDog <Uncharted4 The Lost Legacy>
Kingsoft <小米枪战>

NaughtyDog <Uncharted4>
Blizzard <Starcraft Remastered>
Webzen <Mu legend/ 奇迹2>
Beacon Studio <Mafia>
433 <Arrow2>
Klab <Bleach>
Kingsoft <Extopia/ 自由禁区>
Joycity <3on3 Freestyle>

Blizzard <Overwatch>
Nexon <Dota2>
BLCgames <Sword Master>
Smilegate <Qurare Magic Library>
Oculus <For mobile VR R&D>
Racoon Soft <GoldenKnight>
Concom <Hero x Hero/ 勇士勇士 >
Sega <Pro-baseball Manager2>

Sega <Private Project>
Sony <Destiny of Spirit>
Red Sahara Studio <Millennium Soldier:Expendable>
Wemade <The Destiny Begins>
Tencent <City & Fighter/ 天天炫斗>
Lilith Games <DOTA Legend/ 刀塔传奇>
Intivsoft <Shining Online>

NCsoft <Aion>
Webzen <MU2>
Wemade <Rock Paper Scissors-Three Kingdoms>
Concom <Paradise Vill>
Nexon <MapleStory2/ 冒险岛2>
Bluepepper <Together Dungeon King>
Playnery <Titan>
Wiple Games <Ironsight>

Noah System <Blood Kingdom>
Gravity <Ragnarok 2> <FNO> <Dragon Saga>
Turnon Games <Astonishia Story>
Wemade <Pet Island>
Infernum Studios GmbH <Aron>
Interserv International Inc <New Project>
Mcrowell OMG Digital Entertainment <Bella>
Mgame <WOD>
Wemade <Mir2/ 热血传奇2>
ZEPETTO <Point Blank>
East Soft <Cabal2>
EA <Seoul Raycity>

Blueeye Soft <Animal Warriors>
Noah System <BloodKingdom>
L&k logic <Red Stone2>
Onnet <Shot Online>
Yd online <Pristontale 2>
Neoact <Chaos Online2>
Barunson Interactive <Bono Bono>

Noah System <Bristol Expedition>
Noah System <Knight>
Started game graphic business
VisualDart established (by 1 person)


서울특별시 송파구 문정동 642-3번지 SKV1 GL메트로시티 B동 616호 TEL : 02-2624-1357
SKV1 GL Metro City B 616, 128, Beobwon-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea TEL : 82-2-2624-1357
Copyright © by Visual Dart Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.