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Welfare System & Working Environment

  • 4major insurances We carry out 4 health insurances and health checkups once a year for the stable welfare of employees. Those who need to re-check will receive boss’s nags as a gift.
  • Severance pay system To ensure a stable future for our employees, VisualDart operates a retirement pension system.
  • Housing loan system We provide housing loans for employees who want independence or who are from country.
  • Support for Family event Expenditure for congratulations/condolences and formal holidays will be given for congratulations or condolences.
  • Vacation system We offer a variety of vacation programs such as annual leave, maternity leave, sabbatical month, long-term employee overseas travel, and relaxation and recharge time.
  • Educational support The field of game art is constantly evolving as the challenge of the limit of expression by the development of new tools. We believe that strengthening the competence of employees will keep VisualDart one step ahead.
  • Mom is hard in Korea. VisualDarts are looking for a variety of ways such as giving birth, childcare leave, and teleworking to maintain a constant relationship so that designers do not lose their senses and abilities even after marriage, and can be reinstated at any time.
  • Participation in overseas projects Visual Dart offers an opportunity to develop international sense through collaborations with overseas development teams, by dispatching designers to overseas development studios while cooperating projects with various countries such as USA, Japan, China, Germany and Taiwan.

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